Friday, December 11, 2009

ULTA Holiday Sale!

So if you follow me on YouTube you know how much I gush over ULTA's sales! They Have finally sent out their Holiday Catalog which stared December 5Th and goes through December 24Th. I was going to try and scan pages of the Catalog to show you all the amazing deals on their Beauty products, but I figured it might just be easier to provide you with a link to the virtual book and you can look through it as you wish! Below is the link to you can choose to view the catalog in flash mode or html mode if you have dial up Internet. Seriously take a look around the website! I am going to go to my local ULTA store Sunday and pick up some things for loved ones, I need to stop buying for myself and start buying for others!! Haha, but its so hard to say no to makeup!! Look for a Haul/loot video on YouTube late Sunday in case I pick up some great things! I might even show some highlights of the catalog in a YouTube video so keep a look out for that this weekend as well!!

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