Friday, December 11, 2009

Glamour On The Big Screen

I am so excited for the re-invented Musical called Nine to hit the theaters! Not only does it have some of my favorite actress and singers but its one of the most Glamorous films to hit the screen since Its Musical sister Chicago! The old Hollywood feel mixed with Italian culture is the perfect film for me! I was really inspired when I seen the Trailer for this film and seen the makeup created for each Character, here's a little about each Ladies looks!

"It's hard to believe that the same man who won an Oscar for his work on The Lord of the Rings (think lots of dirt, grime, and gory battle wounds) could create the year's most glamorous big-screen beauty looks. But that's exactly what makeup and hair designer Peter King did for the new movie Nine, which takes place in early 1960s Venice. "We went through 50 to 60 large cans of L'Oréal Elnett Hairspray and at least 250 sets of false eyelashes since both sum up the look of the '60s," says King. Here, he gives more inside scoop on how he primped some of the film's leading ladies, including Penélope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, and Fergie."

Kate Hudson In Nine:

"Kate plays a fashion reporter so her look was the most stylish. To give her hair extra thickness and texture, we did a lot of backcombing and added a hairpiece. Her makeup is inspired by the '60s supermodel Veruschka, with matte foundation, light lips, and of course, very dark eyes and large false eyelashes. There's no blush on her cheeks at all in keeping with the look of the time."

Fergie In Nine:
"For her role as a prostitute, Fergie needed to look a bit more trashy. So she got a reddish wig with black roots, smoky eyes, and dark lipstick that we smudged a lot. We also gave her a beauty mark, which was more from the 1940s."

Penélope Cruz in Nine:
"Penélope plays the mistress in the film, and we designed her look to be very over-the-top, like her costumes, which meant dark brows, heavy eyeliner, piles of false eyelashes, and a line in the creases of her eye for contrast. We kept her lips a very pale pink to go with the period. Penélope also wore a partial wig so that we could add volume and some rather tacky orangey highlights without damaging her real hair."

Nicole Kidman In Nine:

Nicole Kidman "Nicole's look was that of a classic film star (she plays the main character's muse) so we kept her makeup simple and beautiful with MAC Fluidline gel eyeliner, MAC false eyelashes, soft coral lipstick, and some subtle contouring. To ensure that her hair looked flawless, I created a wig in the perfect shade of honey blonde. This also protected her hair from setting it in rollers every day and made it easy for her to be camera ready."

[photo credit: David James © The Weinstein Co., 2009]

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