Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cold Crappy Weather = Adorable Boots!

There is nothing I hate more then cold, long winters...but living in MI that is something I have to deal with alot! But of course girls like us know how to make the best of every situation by buying the cutest winter fashions to make us feel better! I wish I could post pics of the things I picked out for Christmas that my mom bought, but shes making me wait until then! But I have purchased a few things here and there to help me prepare for the cold months ahead....heres a sneak preview of the boots atleast! More to come soon :)

Check out this link! These boots are amazing, you can wear them different ways and they are sooo comfy and warm!

*If the link doesn't work it shows these boots, but it is the only pic i could find of them! They are by dearfoam and I believe they are sold out in most stores and online.*

Obsessed With Burlesque!

So a few weeks ago a friend and I went and seen the new movie Burlesque starring Christina and Cher. I was excited to see it, but alittle worried by all the bad reviews. But I noticed alot of the movie critics are males, so I hate to listen to their opinions about a film for women! And I am so glad that I didn't listen to their reviews!!! That is def one of my favorite movies that I have seen in along time!! Christina is one of my favorites and she made me love her even more, plus all the sexy costumes, bad ass dancing and awesome stage make up made me proud to be a women! Seeing all those different things def gave me ideas for some make-up looks inspired by them, I just hope I can pull if off!? Anyways let me know if you guys have seen it and what you thought of Christina and the movie?? xx Michelle